How do you protect your face in such a hot and humid climate?

I believe that many of us are quite interested with skincare. We select skincare products based on what we think their effects are, without considering how much money we have spent on these products. Are these skincare products truly effective? Apart from your skin type, we also must factor the climate in as well.

Singapore has a tropical rainforest climate. While there are no large seasonal changes, the temperature and humidity are high all year round, and the hot and humid climate is inevitably sticky and uncomfortable.

In addition, there are very strong ultraviolet rays, which puts the skin under tremendous pressure, causing problems such as allergies, acne, dryness and more.

So, what should we do about our skin problems from this weather? We have some suggestions for you!

Appropriate yet Simple Skincare

We recommend temporarily cutting down complex skincare products, eliminating products as you see fit, while prioritizing the most basic hydrating and moisturizing products. It is important to do so, as many skin problems tend to be related to dehydration. 

Be it those with dry or oily skin, we recommend everyone to choose products that contain biomimetic agents, toners with water-absorbing agents and moisturizing gels with a lighter texture, combined with oil control and sufficient exfoliation, to achieve effective skin care. 

We have picked out some basic Japanese skincare products that you can’t go wrong with, as you can see below.

ALBION Flora Drip 160ml

Everyone may be familiar with how excellent some of the other ALBION products are, and this product is no exception.

Formulated with anti-aging fermented essence “MYURAT™”, an exclusive ingredient made from the industry's highest botanical research and unique manufacturing method. It penetrates the skin to achieve brightening and anti-aging effects for the skin.

It can be used as a lotion or an essence to solve aging skin problems, helping to firm and moisturize the skin. It has a slightly thicker yet still watery texture. The milky white essence is refreshing, non-sticky, moisturizing and easy to absorb.

SHISEIDO Future Solution LX Concentrated Balancing Softener 170ml

Part of Shiseido's main high-end anti-aging series, it uses more than 140 years of scientific research about the skin, combining modern advanced technology and a variety of precious natural ingredients, becoming a combination of luxury, effectiveness, and simplicity.

It uses the research and development of a unique anti-aging ingredient which can fundamentally improve the skin quality while resisting ultraviolet damage, stress and dryness that can lead to aging skin.

ACSEINE Moist Balance Lotion 360ml

As a niche Japanese brand, their main distinguishing features are low irritation, high performance, and great for sensitive skin and acne-prone skin. This lotion solves the dry skin problems that modern women face.

It encapsulates the moisturizing ingredients into ultra-fine nano-capsules, penetrates deep into the skin, and replenishes the oil and moisture inside the skin quickly and efficiently.

Highly moisturizing without feeling greasy, it is a watery, non-sticky lotion with a refreshing texture, that dries quickly and can be absorbed quickly.

After using it at night, the skin will become very radiant the next day. It is recommended for those with dry and thinner skin.

Prioritise Makeup Base that has UV Protection

As the UV rays are far from weak, it is extremely important to protect your skin from the sun at all times.

The base makeup is the first step in the skincare process. It separates the skin from the rest of the makeup, from air pollution, radiation and more. It allows subsequent makeup products to adhere better and not come off easily.

Thus, it is an important step in protecting your skin.

Amplitude Long Lasting Liquid Foundation

 A moisturizing liquid base that aims to create a texture that feels like natural skin.

It is also waterproof, sweat-proof and sebum-proof, allows makeup to not come off easily, and very suitable for hot and humid climates. It comes in 3 shades as well.

The Ginza Hybrid Day Protector 30g

It is primer that protects the skin against UV rays, dust, pollen and other pollution particles in the air, while providing skincare benefits.

Their exclusive compound ingredients are added to enhance the skin's ability to maintain stability and prevent skin dullness and aging. It enhances the skin’s transparency and creates natural glowing skin.

It feels pleasant to use, fits lightly, and covers the dark circles under the eyes and the redness of the nose.

That’s all we will be sharing today about skincare for hot, humid weather. We will continue to share more great products with you, so be sure to pay attention to us on all our platforms!

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