6 Tips For Ageing Gracefully & The Japanese Products Available In Singapore To Try

By Kuma-san, May 2022

Always wondered why the Japanese have such bright, supple and dewy-looking skin? Well, it’s probably all thanks to their skincare routine consisting of only high-quality and clean ingredients, a double cleansing rule, and massage techniques that stimulate the skin for better absorption.

Couple a simple skincare ritual that actually works and healthy living practices, it’s no surprise that Japanese women often do not look their age. So if their youthful and firm complexion is something you are working towards, these six tips on how to age gracefully and the Japanese beauty products you can try will be helpful.

Read on to find out more, including where to get the highly-coveted Japanese products in Singapore.

Load up on collagen

Collagen makes up 80% of the dermis and helps to maintain plumpness and elasticity - the two most important factors when it comes to maintaining a wrinkle-free complexion. Alas, it is only natural for collagen to decline as we age, resulting in fine lines and saggy skin but that does not mean you have to resign to fate! Loading up on collagen orally (even before signs of ageing start showing up) is one of the most effective ways to prevent premature ageing.

Shiseido’s The Collagen Powder is made using a patented formula that is packed with ingredients like low molecular fish collagen, lingonberry, strawberry seeds, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid - everything you need for young-looking skin. Taking it is easy too; simply mix one tablespoon into your favourite drink or meal.

Alternatively, the Fine Hyaluron & Collagen + Ubiquinol is something to consider - it’s a collagen powder that will improve dry, dull, saggy, wrinkled and uneven skin tone, as well as strengthen brittle hair and nails so you get the best of both worlds.

Simplify your skincare routine

Putting too much on your skin might do more harm than good as it could damage your skin barrier, leading to dry, itchy or flaky skin that will only speed up ageing. A basic Japanese skincare routine all boils down to simplicity to allow the skin time to heal. Here’s how: remove makeup, cleanse, hydrate with a lotion, treat with a serum and seal everything in with a moisturiser.

The Shiseido Bio-Performance Advanced Renewing Cream can be used as the last step of your skincare routine in the morning and evening. It has a thick consistency to lock moisture in - great if you sleep in an air-conditioned room.

You can also apply a sheet mask twice a week for some extra pampering. The Hirosophy Caviar Mask contains luxurious sea jewel caviar and moisturising ingredients like hyaluronic acid, amino acids and marine collagen to deeply hydrate from within.

Never skip sunscreen

You can have the perfect skincare routine but if you always skip applying sunscreen, no amount of products will be able to help you regain that youthful glow! Exposure to harmful UV rays can lead to premature skin ageing, such as fine lines, sagging skin and age spots, all of which will make you look older than your age.

Thankfully, applying sunscreen every day before stepping out of the house is an easy and foolproof way to prevent that. Simply apply 15 to 30 minutes before sun exposure and make sure you use a generous amount.

The Shiseido Elixir Day Care Revolution SPF 50+ Pa++++ works for ageing skin and combines the function of lotion, makeup base and protective agent into one product.

If you prefer something with a lighter consistency, try the Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Milk SPF50+ PA++++ which can double up as a makeup base.

Don’t skimp on health supplements

Caring for your body from the inside out may reap longer-lasting benefits and that can be achieved when you invest in the right health supplements. Regardless of whether you are looking to get well-balanced nutrients or to feel more refreshed, Japanese health supplements have you covered.

The Dokkan Super Enzyme Herb Dieter Support Gold Daily & Health Supplements boasts 39 kinds of fermented plants and mushrooms and herb fibre to give you a balanced diet amidst your busy life.

The ISDG 232 Soukai Exhilarating Diet Enzymes Premium which is formulated with 232 vegetable and fruit enzymes gets absorbed into your body gradually when taken to fight beauty, health, or diet issues.

Schedule regular exercises

Exercising is not just good for your body, but may also slow down skin ageing as it increases the activity of mitochondria that helps to make the skin cells run efficiently. Working out can also enhance blood circulation throughout the body and promote the removal of lymphatic fluid to depuff, giving you tighter and firmer skin.

While you are at it, consider adding the 100% vegan-friendly Hollywood Cosmetics Soy Protein into your diet as it contains various superfoods to fuel you for a long day ahead. It also boosts skin, hair, nails, blood vessels and organ health to help you maintain a healthy body and youthful appearance.

Additionally, keep yourself feeling good and fresh all day long with the Shiseido Sea Breeze Deo & Water Deodorant, an antiperspirant that leaves a cooling sensation so you never have to worry about smells or sweat.

Get sufficient beauty sleep

Last but not least, catch up on your beauty sleep! When you enter deep sleep, your body goes into recovery mode and produces growth hormones to create new cells that will help heal your skin from any damage. Your eight hours of beauty sleep is the best time for you to incorporate the following products to maximise the benefits:

Put on the Dr. Scholl Medi Qtto Open Toe Compression Socks Sleepwear to tighten the skin and slim your legs all while sleeping!

But if you find yourself having trouble falling asleep, the FANCL Sleep Support might help. It’s a lemon-flavoured powder drink that will help you attain good quality sleep and wake up feeling refreshed the next day.

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