Best Japanese Organic & Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands In Singapore To Go Green With This Earth Day 2022

By Kuma-san, 22 April 2022

Earth Day 2022 is around the corner and with that comes the annual ritual of switching our lights off for 1 hour, to collectively reduce emissions across the world. But beyond just that one-day statement, pledge your commitment to a greener earth in the long-term by switching out your current beauty stash for clean, eco-friendly versions.

On top of being kinder to the earth, these products - which are mostly made with natural and organic ingredients instead of harsh chemicals - are also better for your skin.

Here are some of the best Japanese clean beauty brands in Singapore to look out for, as well as a list of cruelty-free Japanese skincare and makeup labels that do not carry out animal testing as part of their manufacturing process.

Japanese Clean Beauty Brands in Singapore



THREE believes that the power of Mother Nature is far more effective than anything man-made, and that is why naturally-derived Japanese ingredients make up at least 85% of all their formulas. These include plant oils and botanical essences such as vitamin-rich Carrot Root Extract from Hokkaido, Tea Seed Oil, Rose Geranium Essential Oil, and many more.

Their star product, the award-winning THREE Cleansing Oil, is a gentle-to-skin cleanser that’s able to dissolve sunscreen and waterproof makeup, while ridding it of impurities and maintaining its natural balance. On top of that, its pleasant natural fragrance creates an aromatherapy effect that’ll help relax your mind and body.


True to their name, which means “white” in Japanese, SHIRO approaches skincare with a minimalist philosophy - evident in both their simple packaging and clean beauty formulations. Hailing from Hokkaido, the brand mainly uses locally-grown organic ingredients in their products including yuzu, azuki, and even sake!

Try the SHIRO Fragrance Body Milk, available in a number of scents like White Tea, Savon, and White Lily. Containing shea butter, natural fruit and vegetable extracts, vegetable oils, and milk, this body lotion is gentle, nourishing, and can also help improve keratosis pilaris - those dry, rough patches and bumps colloquially referred to as “chicken skin”.


With a history dating back to 1986, KOH GEN DO was born out of Japanese actress Ai Saotome’s need for beauty products that would keep her skin fresh and undamaged even after extended hours of shooting. Today, her creations are used on film sets across the world, allowing users to look their best both on and off-screen.

Till this day, they’ve refrained from including fragrances, artificial colouring, and harmful petroleum-based mineral oils in their cosmetics and skincare. Instead, coupled with the latest technology, carefully-sourced plant extracts and organic ingredients are used to come up with soothing blends that are suitable even for those with sensitive skin.

Achieve a screen-perfect complexion with their Maifanshi Aqua Foundation SPF25, spritz on some Herbal SPA Mist for a mid-day refresh, and wipe it all off with the Cleansing SPA Water Cloths once you’re done for the day.


Get your glow on with naturaglacé, an earth-friendly Japanese makeup brand that’s especially popular among pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers for their clean, organic formulas.

Mostly fragrance-free, their cosmetics are made using sustainable and 100% natural ingredients derived from pesticide-free plants grown in Japan. These are also free from silicones, tar-derived colours, mineral oils, artificial preservatives and other nasties.

Their cosmetic range includes everything you need for a full face on fleek, including Eyebrow Pencil, Eye Color Palettes, and Cream Bar Foundation. Especially handy for busy gals is their multi-tasking Makeup Cream - an all-in-one sunscreen essence that also serves as a primer.

Bonus: Everything can be conveniently removed by rinsing with soap and water!

Japanese beauty brands & companies that do not carry out animal testing:

AlbionALLIEATTENIRDr.Ci:LaboFanclHABAHouse of Rose, Kao (e.g. Biore, CurelNivea), KOSEMandomMatsuyamaOshima TsubakiPDCORBISShiseidoUtenaYANAGIYA

Sustainable J-beauty brands in Singapore

All the aforementioned clean Japanese skincare and makeup brands can be purchased in Singapore via Osakakuma’s website or their physical stores. Give these sustainable beauty products a try, and play your part in going green while looking good at the same time!
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