OSAKAKUMA as your J-Beauty skincare destination in Singapore

By Kuma-san, 11 March 2022

Who says you can’t travel during the pandemic? With virtual travel and websites like OSAKAKUMA, you can explore J-Beauty at the touch of your fingertips.

Yes, VTL flights allow you to go to Japan, but if you’re not ready to brave the crowds and uncertainty in the world, you can explore Japan virtually via OSAKAKUMA’s wide range of J-Beauty skincare products in Singapore. 

Japanese skincare hard to understand

When shopping for Japanese beauty skincare products, we know that there are endless problems that can occur, such as:

  1. The language barrier: Being unable to read product descriptions, ingredient lists, and how-tos
  2. The paradox of choice: It’s nice to have options, but it can get overwhelming
  3. The lack of knowledge: Confusion when it comes to different skincare terms e.g. lotion, essence, toner, and serums.

Here’s where OSAKAKUMA comes into play as the one-stop shop for consumers who want all things J-Beauty related.

If you want to get the most desirable Japanese beauty and personal care products anytime, anywhere, you’ve come to the right place.

Your one-stop shop for J-Beauty in Singapore

Here’s why OSAKAKUMA is the best destination for all your Japanese beauty skincare needs. We simplify your purchasing decision for you.

  1. OSAKAKUMA selects only the best quality J-Beauty skincare products for you

Best Quality Japanese Skincare

We do the groundwork by comparing hundreds of different brands to help you save time and money.

This means we only bring in top sellers that are representative of popular Japanese brands. For instance, although SK-II is an established J-Beauty brand, we do not carry the entire product range, but only their best-sellers.

It can be daunting to sift through extensive product lists, but rest assured you won’t have to do that at OSAKAKUMA because we focus on quality ingredients and superior formulation technology.

For instance, Kose's ITOWA uses a special formulation of two floral extracts and fruit juice with glycerin and Bioré developed a Micro Defense formula for their sunscreens that use a capsule packed with a UV protection agent.

If you’re eyeing a product you saw on Cosme Japan rankings, you’ll be able to find it at OSAKAKUMA. Brands include Albion, Decorte, Cle De Peau, RMK, Shiseido, SK-II and more.

  1. OSAKAKUMA curates and categorizes J-Beauty skincare products for the best shopping experience

Whether you want to have a smooth and seamless online shopping experience or you simply don’t want to get distracted by tempting J-Beauty skincare products you don’t need (yet!), you can easily browse OSAKAKUMA’s six categories — Skincare, Personal Care, Makeup, Oral Supplements, Mother & Baby, Home & Living.

Need more personalization? Each category has a drop-down menu with more in-depth product category selection, and you can also use our filters such as availability, price, product type, brand, and sort by.

With a specially-curated selection of Japanese beauty skincare products that consumers like yourself truly want and need, you can find products that make you happier and more beautiful.

  1. OSAKAKUMA offers the best value-for-money on J-Beauty skincare products

shopping for Japanese beauty skincare products

All products brought to OSAKAKUMA are tried, tested, and proven to have superior efficacy across users of different ages and skin types.

You may think that imported products of such high quality are bound to be insanely expensive, but we keep our prices as competitive as possible.

Thanks to our efficient supply chain, we can control prices to ensure that you get the best price possible. Case in point: The highly sought after SK-II product that normally retails for $289 can be found at just $183.90 at OSAKAKUMA.

We also love multitasking products such as the Kose’s 7-in-1 Premium Day Care Gel UV and the Perfect One’ All in One Super Moisture Gel that will help you get the most bang for your buck.

Other popular brands found on OSAKAKUMA include Ampleur, IPSA, PDC Wafood, Raffine (Perfect One), HABA, Cocochi, and Fancl.

Discover cult favorite brands and niche skincare products today

Shopping for Japanese beauty skincare products

We strive to create personalized solutions to meet the different needs of different users in beauty and personal care, so we’ve gathered the best products for you, whether you are concerned about acne or want to age gracefully.

Whether you’re interested in a sold-out skincare product or a criminally underrated skincare range, you’ll be able to find what you need exclusively at OSAKAKUMA.

Be the first to discover and try cult brands loved by Japanese locals, such as Ayura, Etvos, Koh Gen Do, AttenirCovermark, and many more!

If you prefer an in-person consultation with our Beauty Curators, pop by any of our physical stores island wide today!
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