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Meiji Amino Collagen Premium Refill 196g


Meiji Amino Collagen Premium Refill 196g

What It Does

A premium collagen powder with a luxurious blend of carefully selected beauty ingredients for a healthy and beautiful life that shines actively. Uses easily absorbed low-molecular-weight fish collagen. It's a flavor that can be mixed with anything, just dissolve it in your favorite drink or meal.

Collagen peptide 5000mg
Hyaluronic acid 20mg
Coenzyme Q10 10mg
Ceramide 1200μg
Arginine 25mg
Glucosamine 60mg

Directions for Use

There is almost no flavor peculiar to collagen, so just dissolve it in your favorite drink or meal.
*Spoon is not included with this product.
Take 1.5 level tablespoons (approximately 7g) per day as a guide, and dissolve before eating.
・Intake of collagen varies from person to person. If you think the recommended amount is too much, please reduce the amount.
・Please drink promptly after dissolving.

Ingredient List

Fish collagen peptide (gelatin), malt -dextrin, vegetable oils, coenzyme Q10, rice germ extract (containing ceramide), trehalose, V.C, glucosamine, arginine, fragrance, hyaluronic acid, emulsifiers (including soybeans), addictive (including soybeans). Gum), sweeteners (scralace) Nutritional ingredients display: Energy per meal (7g) Energy: 27kcal, protein: 5.3g, lipid: 0.08g, carbohydrates: 1.3g, sodium: 15 mg, vitamin C: 50 mg, collagen: 5000 mg, Hyaluronic acid: 20 mg, coenzyme Q10: 10 mg, ceramide: 1200 μg, arginine: 450 mg, glucosamine: 60 mg


・If you are visiting a hospital, taking medication, or are not feeling well, please consult a doctor or specialist regarding intake.
・If you have food allergies, please check the raw material names.
・Please be aware that if you put the powder in your mouth as it is, you may get choked.
・Do not put a wet spoon in the bag. Collagen can harden.
・After opening, close the zipper tightly to prevent dust and hair from entering, store away from direct sunlight, hot and humid places, and consume as soon as possible.
・Since we use natural products, the color may change in rare cases, but there is no problem with the quality.

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