8 Best-Selling Japanese Supplements

By: Alicia

Late nights, jam-packed schedules, rush hours – many of us live daily lives full of pressure and to-do lists. With all the hustle and bustle we go through, we barely have time for self-care. We may even forget to eat fruits and vegetables, let alone take vitamins or care for our skin!

Over time, such a hectic schedule can take a toll on our health and complexion. Not drinking enough water or consuming enough fruits and vegetables may lead to dull skin, pimples, hair loss, and more.

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Here is where supplements come to your rescue!

The human body requires a number of nutrients to be in top shape, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Calcium, fibres, and more. Same goes for our skin, which needs plenty of vitamins and collagen to stay elastic and healthy. However, such nutrients may be difficult to obtain and it’s hard to keep track of exactly how much we are absorbing from each meal we eat.

To make things easier, many have turned to supplements, which provides targeted internal care and allows us to know exactly how much of each nutrient or Vitamin we are getting from each dose! 

Moreover, supplements come in the form of pills or powder that can be easily taken by water on-the-go. It also lasts for a long time and is easily stored, unlike fresh produce which spoils in about a week or shorter. It’s no wonder that healthy and beauty supplements are highly popular in Japan, where the hustle and bustle tends to be quite intense in the city!

Here are 8 best-selling Japanese Supplements you can try!

1. FANCL Complex Vitamins For Women in their 30s 

FANCL, as Japan's largest "additive-free" skincare and health food brand, emphasises a concept that "every age group has its own nutrients" and has launched a comprehensive vitamin that caters to specific age groups and gender. 

These supplements come in an independent small package which is easy to carry around. It’s the perfect thing for working city-goers if they struggle with obtaining enough vitamins from fresh produce. 

This supplement is rich in 26 basic nutrients and HTC collagen, iron, as well as nutrients for anti-fatigue. There are more than 20 kinds of nutrients which the human body needs every day, and with this product, you can have it all in one single gulp! Whether it is for personal use or as a gift, it is very convenient and useful! FANCL also has vitamins for women in other age groups for women in their 40s and 50s.

2. SHISEIDO The Collagen Powder

After the age of 25, girls will lose collagen rapidly, and the face will start to lose elasticity. This is because collagen plays an important role in the structure of our skin cells and we need it to maintain a strong skin barrier. Therefore, it is especially important that we have enough collagen in our body. Collagen can be obtained naturally from collagen-rich food such as bone broths and fish, but of course we can’t simply eat bone broths or fish everyday! This is where collagen supplements come in handy, such as this SHISEIDO Collagen Powder!

This Shiseido Collagen Powder is odourless, flavourless, and fat free. It provides a daily intake rich in 5000mg of high-quality, low-molecular-weight and easily-absorbable collagen. It also has hyaluronic acid, neuraminic acid, vitamin C and other beauty ingredients, which effectively promote skin moisturisation, transparency, and help the skin restore elasticity! When taken regularly over the course of a few weeks up to months, you’ll start to notice the difference on your skin! 

3. POLA Nextage Vitamin C

Another important vitamin that humans need is Vitamin C, which strengthens our immune system and plays an important role in collagen synthesis. When you find yourself struggling to consume enough citrus fruits, you can turn to Vitamin C supplements to keep your health up! POLA’s Nextage Vitamin C powder combines the effects of brightening and anti-allergy into one. 

POLA’s Nextage Vitamin C powder contains a well-balanced blend of various vitamins, dragonhead extract powder, and ceramide. It is centered around POLA’s “nextage C” concept, in which Vitamins are designed to stay in the body for a long time. It has a herbal citrus flavour with a slightly refreshing sour taste, and melts in the mouth! You can even take it without water!

4. ROHTO - Episteme Stem Science Drink

Step up your beauty game with this ROHTO Episteme Stem Science drink, a skincare drink that is supercharged with royal jelly! It contains an inner stem complex and the ampoule is luxuriously filled with ingredients for beauty such that aids in anti-glycation.

As one of the first products in Japan to propose the concept of anti-glycation in skincare, ROHTO Episteme Stem Science Drink has won many awards! It uses regenerative medical technology exclusively developed by ROHTO which can repair cells and block saccharification in the body. 

 5. FANCL Vitamin B 60 Tablets

Vitamin B is an essential part of metabolism in the body and plays an important role in maintaining human health, preventing and treating various diseases. If you suffer from frequent mouth ulcers, skin and eye irritation, fatigue, etc, it is time to seriously consider taking Vitamin B supplements!

FANCL's vitamin B has 8 kinds of vitamin B and inositol and utilizes the “long-term absorption method”, making it very suitable for those lacking in Vitamin B!

 6. DHC Pearl Barley Whitening Supplement 30 Tablets

DHC has recently launched a new version of the concentrated pearl barley extract, which amplifies the rich nutrients found in barley by 13 times and adds Vitamin E as well. This makes it easier to ingest and absorb, and moreover, it doubles the beautifying effect by helping to expel excess water from the body and reduce bloating on the face. It also makes your skin smoother and tender! This supplement is great for those who want to detoxify and lose weight. Simply swallow one tablet a day and you’re good to go.

 7. Yamamoto Kanpo Pharmaceutical Young Barley Powder 100%

This old Internet celebrity product has always been a super popular healthy drink in Japan. A small packet of green juice can supplement your body’s nutritional needs! If you’re someone who dislikes vegetables or rarely consumes vegetables, this is the drink for you! Taking this regularly will help eliminate fatigue and clear stools! 

These barley leaves are matcha flavoured, making it easy to drink. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre, active yeast, chlorophyll and protein. This powder is 100% green juice from barley leaves, which can be safely consumed by pregnant and breastfeeding women.

8. Yamamoto Kanpo Omega3+ Young barley grass powder

The upgraded version of the young barley powder is here! This product is specially added with OMEGA-3+, Hawaiian spirulina, chia seeds along with other nutrients rich in dietary fibre, protein, vitamins, minerals and a variety of natural antioxidants.

There are a variety of ways to drink this barley powder! You can pair it with milk, yoghurt, juice, a smoothie, or simply with water! A cup a day helps you maintain your health!

Remember that supplements must be taken with moderation!

Well, that’s all for today. A reminder that taking supplements orally requires moderation and consistency! It is a process and you need to slowly adjust your body to get used to these supplements, and take them with moderation! 

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