Achieve a Glowing and Radiant Complexion with these Japanese Cleansers

By Kuma-san, 14 April 2022

In a crowded world of supercharged serums, do-all ampoules, and miracle masks, it’s easy to overlook how important cleansing is in our every day routine. But this not-so-glamorous step is truly the backbone of our personal care! They ensure that our canvas is squeaky clean and ready to absorb any nourishing product we lather on.

Like other personal care products, cleansers have their own variants that are suited for different needs. From gentle oil cleansers to plague-fighting toothpaste, here are five types of must-have cleansers:

Oil Cleansers

Asia’s popular double cleansing method has become a staple in the routines of many. As its name suggests, you kick-start your cleansing routine with an oil-based cleanser then follow up with a water-based cleanser. If the word “oil” scares you – fret not! They are actually the gentlest form of cleansers, and are extremely effective in binding to dirt. The oil’s slip also allows you to gently remove pesky buildup without tugging on your skin.

Popular in Japan: Kanebo's Instant Off Oil (Fruity Floral) 180ml

Every waterproof mascara and long-lasting lipstick’s worst nightmare! A lightweight cleanser, Kanebo’s Instant Off Oil binds to the most stubborn of makeup and melts them away. At the same time, the formulation’s infusion of olive oil dissolves excess sebum without stripping the skin of its natural moisture.

The cherry on top is its divine scent — expect fruity-floral notes of lily and rose as it gently removes makeup and debris. Kanebo’s Instant Off Oil has also been crowned the Best Cleanser by @COSME, Japan’s most trusted beauty blog.

Foam Cleansers

Foam cleansers are probably what comes to mind when cleansers are mentioned — and for good reason! A gel or cream that lathers into luscious bubbles, they feel like a treat to swirl on after a tiring day. Its sudsy nature is also effective in cleansing away grime, leaving your skin feeling refreshed. Foam cleansers are the perfect follow up to oil cleansers to rid your pores of any remaining dirt.

Popular in Japan: REISE's Clear Moisture Wash 105g

REISE's Clear Moisture Wash marries two famous skincare ingredients — amino acids and egg white — to produce an efficacious anti-ageing cleanser. Expect a deep cleanse that removes dirt and dead skin cells without compromising the skin’s natural elasticity.

In fact, this luxurious foam soothes and regulates the skin’s PH, ensuring a supple appearance after every wash. Those struggling with dry and sensitive skin (or even pregnant women!) can use this gentle cleanser daily without a single worry.

Face Scrubs

The secret to glowing skin is a gentle but effective exfoliant. Face scrubs are a popular option that produces instantaneous results: skin feels softer to the touch and brighter to the eye. They achieve such effects by sweeping away dead skin cells, prompting the cells to regenerate and surface baby-soft skin. However, a word of caution: only use scrubs two to three times a week. Any more could potentially cause flaky or inflamed skin.

Popular in Japan: Mocchi's Skin Face Scrub 100g

Say hello to mochi-soft skin with Mocchi's Skin Face Scrub. This delicious blend of Japanese honey and brown sugar is the perfect solution for rough or dull skin. The fine brown sugar particles gently exfoliate away dead skin cells and keratin buildup while the added shea butter moisturises. The result is bouncy, supple skin that boasts a radiant glow. A pro tip: despite the “face” in its name, this scrub is great for the body as well, especially on knees or elbows.

Body Scrubs

Body scrubs are incredibly important for those struggling with dark patches, acne or bumpy skin. Similar to their facial counterparts, they slough away dead skin cells to resurface smooth skin. This process also boosts the effects of lotions you glide on after your shower, maximising the body care products you spent your precious dough on!

Popular in Japan: House of Rose | Oh! Baby Body Smoother

House of Rose incorporates Japan’s famed hot spring water into their Oh! Baby Body Smoother, bringing the onsen experience right to your bathroom. The delicate crystal-clear paste is blended with silk granules, making this a gentle scrub that softly removes dead skin.

Simply activate the paste with some water and rub in circular motions. The product guarantees a healthy radiance (as if you’ve just stepped out of an onsen), and has been awarded by @COSME as Japan’s top body scrub. 

Available in fresh Green Lemon (limited edition) and fragrant Rose.

Whitening Toothpaste

As part of your facial features, having pearly-white teeth contributes to a clean appearance. The most pristine complexion is easily marred by yellowing teeth, so it is crucial to choose a multi-functional and potent formulation that does all: whitens, protects and freshens.

Popular in Japan: Sunstar Ora2 Premium Stain Clear Paste

Wear a bright smile without giving up your morning coffee with Sunstar’s Ora2 Premium Stain Clear Paste. The glossy toothpaste polishes away tartar (from coffee, tea or smoking), allowing your teeth’s original white to shine. It then leaves a protective layer that reduces the likelihood of your tooth becoming stained again.

That’s not all — this multipurpose toothpaste also helps in strengthening your tooth’s structure while expelling bad breath. A do-it-all product that should be a staple in everyone’s bathrooms!

Available in Premium Mint, Aromatic Mint (lavender scent) and Shiny Citrusy Mint.

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