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By: Alicia

Japan is home to a variety of high-quality, compelling beauty and skincare products that will leave you sparkly-eyed. The best part is, many of these products are widely available in local drugstores and won’t burn a hole in your wallet. Whether you’re a student or just on a budget, many gems can be found in Japan’s drugstores for under $15.90, such as these! 

SPC Puru Eye Sheet Mask 60pcs

For those who have panda eyes 

In Japanese drugstores, masks designed specially for your eyes are highly popular! This SPC Puru Eye Sheet Mask contains 130% high-concentration hyaluronic acid and three types of collagen to moisturize and firm the under-eye area. Proteoglycan and ceramide firms and brightens the skin while argireline smooths it out.

Try storing these sheet masks in the refrigerator, so that after coming home from a tiring day at school or work, you can simply paste these chilled masks under your sore eyes! It really helps you give you that much-needed refresh! 

Lucky Trendy Moisturising Foot Mask 1pcs

For those who want smooth feet 

Don’t neglect your foot care too! This Lucky Trendy foot mask is especially suitable for those of you who often wear high heels or sandals that tend to chafe and hurt your skin! Over time, footwear can cause unwanted calluses on your feet, making them appear rough and ragged. Luckily, you can purchase this Lucky Trendy foot mask that targets every corner of the feet and contains exfoliating ingredients such as salicylic acid to get rid of dead skin and calluses.

 It also contains argan oil, 3 natural plant oils, and 4 natural plant extracts to nourish and moisturize your feet.  Plus, it comes with a tape for sealing, allowing for a 20-minute intensive and concentrated care for your feet! It’s basically an instant spa-grade pedicure at home!

Kobayashi Pritty Cracked Heel Exfoliating Cream Health Supplements 70g

For those looking to exfoliate your joints

An item from Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is a must-have for Japanese households! This exfoliating cream is specially designed for the thicker areas of the body such as knees, elbows, bare feet, etc. With a white grainy texture, it has a strong exfoliating power with the ability to remove long-term accumulation of dead skin cells and reduce roughness of the skin. The large particles of the scrub makes it unsuitable for the face, so only use it for your heels, ankles, soles, knees, and elbows! 

The squalane ingredient, olive oil, aloe extract, and rice bran oil also moisturizes and softens rough and dry skin, which prevents further calluses or blisters when wearing heels or sandals. The tube-like packaging is hygienic and convenient for daily use after washing your feet! 

PeLican Medicinal Soap For Back 135g

For those who have back acne

Have you ever avoided wearing a flattering backless dress or a tank top because you were self-conscious about your bacne? Both men and women can have acne sprouting on their backs, and it’s completely normal! However, bacne can be painful and uncomfortable, and many struggle to get rid of it because of the constant buildup of sebum, sweat, and dead skin cells on our backs.

If you’re looking for something to reduce bacne, this PeLican Medicinal Soap for Back is the perfect choice for you. This Japanese Cosme Award-winner soap is made from blended coal mud that helps to cleanse your body deeply and give you smooth, bright-looking back skin. It exfoliates dead skin cells, excess sebum, prevents clogging of pores, and prevents acne regeneration. It also creates a rich and delicate foam with a calming herbal citrus scent, and cleans your back without drying the skin.  

Hanamisui Outclear Care Wash Liquid 150mL

This product is for the ladies

A sensitive zone washing liquid for the ladies who want to pay extra attention to cleaning your delicate areas. This Hanamisui Outclear Care Wash Liquid has a refreshing sensation and cares for odour with its gentle floral scent. Don’t worry, this wash is free from pigments and parabens that could potentially irritate your skin. It is also weakly acidic in pH, making it a safe and gentle wash for your private parts without throwing off its natural pH balance.

SHISEIDO-SEA BREEZE Deo & Water Deodorant

For those who want to smell nice all day

A very popular product among Japanese youths, this SHISEIDO SEA BREEZE Deodorant is a deodorant with plant-based powder, lightweight design, and long-lasting fragrance. It instantly cools when applied to the skin, eliminates annoying sweat odour, and suppresses sticky sweat. It also keeps your skin smooth and feeling refreshed! Use it before going out, after sports, whenever you feel sticky, or after a shower.

Hotate No Chikara Washing Vegetables and Fruits 90g

To those who cook often 

If you cook often at home, then this vegetable and fruit washing powder is a great addition to your kitchen! Often, vegetables and fruits may contain residual pesticides and waxes on the outer layers that require extra washing to remove. The Hotate No Chikara Wash is a food cleaning agent with a bactericidal effect made by a special process developed by the Japanese Kampo Research Institute. This washing powder is free of any preservatives, colourants, and other chemicals, making it very safe for disinfecting your greens and eliminating any odours. You can use it to safely rinse your rice, vegetables, fruits, and meat before cooking!

Laundrin Laundry Softener

For those looking for long lasting scent on your clothes

If you’re not a daily perfume-wearer but would still like to smell nice, this Laundrin Laundry Softener can kill two birds with one stone by softening your clothes while adding a touch of perfume-like fragrance! This softener has won many Cosme beauty awards, and it’s popular for a reason! It contains plant extracts that suppresses odour while being gentle enough to use for baby’s clothes. Throw in your delicate skirts and wrinkle-prone shirts into the laundry and add Laundrin softener, and they will be soft and comfortable to wear in no time!


Osakakuma Multipurpose Disposable Facial Towel (8pcs)

For those looking for a multipurpose facial towel

Spilled coffee on your desk? Sweat your head off on a hot day? Nothing is handier than having a pack of disposable towels in your bag for all sorts of emergencies. We have our very own face towels, the Osakakuma Multipurpose Disposable Facial Towels! It is made of five kinds of natural skin-friendly plant fibres, and it is delicate enough to use for infants and young children!

From using it as a daily cleaning rag and baby care towel to a toner pad, this multipurpose disposable towel is environmentally friendly and super handy! You can get it at the following prices at Osakakuma!

  • 1 for $2.90
  • 6 for $9.90
  • 12 for $14.90


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