Get Fresher Breath With Propolinse

Propolinse mouthrinse coagulates and removes the hidden protein minerals between the teeth which most mouthwashes can't in just 20 seconds, leaving your mouth clean and fresh after gargling. It also goes deeper to remove plaque and reaches spaces between gums where millions of germs live. It then targets them to reduce up to 99.9% of these bad breath and plaque-causing micro-organisms. Lastly, this powerhouse mouth rinse works stronger and kills more germs than brushing alone, while maintaining the microbial balance in the mouth. It disrupts the cellular structure of germs, slows down their multiplication rate, and reduces plaque maturation.
This is a must-have in the office, especially after lunch or having a dinner date after work.
Now at $12.90 and available in 5 flavours.

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