Get An Instant Glow-Up Just By Correcting Your Posture!

By: Alicia

Have you ever tried on an outfit and wondered why it doesn’t seem to look right on you, but appears just fine on the mannequin?

This could be due to a bad posture, such as unconsciously slumping your shoulders, leaning your head forward, and hunching your back, which may cause your outfit to lose that charm.

You definitely won't have to stand as straight as a mannequin, but working on your posture can make that outfit look much more elegant on you. In fact, there is even a saying that goes, “good posture is better than good looks”, which shows just how important posture is.

Good Posture = Less Headaches

Not only is having a good posture key to portraying a confident and attractive image of yourself, but it will save you from a multitude of physical problems. Having a poor posture could result in recurring headaches, back and neck pain, and general strain on your muscles.

It can be said that there are 3 parts that contribute to how we generally assess physical beauty, that is: Physique, body shape, and posture. As we go about our daily lives, we engage in activities that may put a strain on our bodies. Looking down at our laptops or phone screen, slouching on our chairs, irregular sleeping hours, they all may add up.

Straighter Back
For those who hunch their backs

Of course there are ways to improve your posture, such as exercising regularly and investing in ergonomic chairs. However, there are more innovative ways to work on your posture, such as using this Posture Belt from Magico Labo Japan.

A part of our body that is often overlooked is the back! Having a slouched back and shoulders can make us look less confident or tired. Magico Labo’s Posture Belt Easy Fit corrects sitting posture, provides back support, and creates a better figure. 

It is made from a special fibre material that is ultra-breathable and ultra light, and it’s most suitable to those who experience most pains on the upper back or shoulder area. It comes in sizes S-M and M-L at Osakakuma!

Protect Your Waist While Hustling
For those with a sedentary lifestyle

For those who spend a lot of time sitting down in front of computers, then a Back Pain Belt from ZIIX Japan is perfect for you. 

This Waist Protector has patented waist support technology with pullable straps that firmly supports your spine and reduces the load on your waist. It’s a very flexible waist support product that can be used during exercising, as well as during a woman’s menstrual cycle when she is having back pains. 

If your aches are concentrated in your lower back and waist area, then this one is most suitable for you. Strap this on when you’re at work or at home slumping on the couch, and your waist will thank you!

Support Your Neck 
For those who look down at their phones or laptops too much

However, if you experience neck aches from staring down at your phone or laptop for too long, then the DR.PRO Needs Neck Stretcher Neck Karu Personal Care is your best option. 


This spine-wrapped solid support works by supporting the curvature of your cervical spine and reduces pressure when your neck is bent. The best part is, it’s skin-friendly and you’re still able to move your head around, so you don’t have to worry about being locked onto this device!

Slim down while sleeping
For those who get bloated at night

If you’re looking for something for your legs, check out the Medi Qtto Bodyshape Sleepwear Pelvic Support Slimming Spats.

These are pelvic compression tights that can be worn while sleeping for those who worry about posterior sagging or bloated legs upon waking up. On top of that, the abdomen area is made of soft mesh material with a comfortable fabric akin to cotton, making it cozy enough to wear at night.

They also support your pelvis while you sleep so that you maintain a good sleeping posture for a comfortable night’s rest. These slimming spats are perfect for those who spend long hours standing or walking all day.

Practice good habits!

Those are all the innovative Japanese posture-correcting products we have to recommend for today! Remember that wearing these products may help improve your posture, but you also have to practice good habits such as exercising and stretching regularly to maintain a good posture in the long-term! 

If you spend long hours sitting down in the office, remember to stand up and walk around once in a while. If you have a bad habit of looking down at your phone, try to position your hand and head at a slightly higher angle instead. 

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