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ALBION EXAGE WHITE White Rise Milk II 200g (Moisturizing)

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It has a round, moisturizing and silky whitening effect. Suitable for soft skin. While inhibiting the production of melanin and preventing freckles, it's moisturizing effect diffuses to every corner of the skin (cuticle), and maintains sufficient moisture in the skin, bright and transparent. This product is a whitening lotion for normal skin. It penetrates into the skin (cuticle) with a soft feeling, giving the skin a rich and nourishing feeling, balancing the moisture and producing soft skin.

・ Whitening is to suppress the production of melanin and prevent spots and freckles caused by sunburn.


After washing your face, apply 3 pumps to cotton and apply it to the entire face from 5 points (forehead, cheeks, nose, chin). Please use after cleansing and massage.


Please pay attention to whether your skin has allergies such as scratches, redness, eczema, discoloration (white spots, etc.) and skin darkening after application. If your skin is uncomfortable, please stop using it immediately and consult a dermatologist. If you continue to use it, your symptoms will worsen.


Ingredients: L-ascorbic acid 2-glucoside *, purified water, dipropylene glycol, 1,3-butanediol, squalane, meadow foam oil, ethanol, isotridecyl isononanoate, tri-2- Sodium ethyl hexanoate glycidyl carboxylate solution, L-serine, N-acetylglucosamine, d-tocopherol 2-L-ascorbic acid phosphate diester potassium salt, d-5-tocopherol, acetylated hyaluronic acid Sodium, Chrysanthemum Indian Chrysanthemum Extract, Glycine, Gentian Extract, Hydrolyzed Kauri Alcohol Liquid, Hydrolyzed Silk Liquid, Natural Vitamin E, N-Stearoyl-L-Sodium Glutamate, N-Stearoyl-N- Sodium methyl taurine, N-lauroyl L-glutamic acid diphytosteryl 2-octyl dodecyl acrylic acid / alkyl methacrylate copolymer, sodium acrylate, sodium acrolein, isohexadecyl Alkyl polysorbate 80, octadecyl isostearate, disodium edetate, xanthan gum, diisostearyl plant stearic acid dilinoleate, cetearyl alcohol, right Hydroquinone, polyoxyethylene ethylene alkyl 12-15 ether phosphate 8E. O., polyoxyethylene stearyl ether phosphoric acid, polyoxyethylene cetyl ether phosphoric acid, methyl polysiloxane, sorbitan monooleate, polyoxyethylene sorbitol monostearate, apple Diisostearyl acid ester, sodium monohydrogen phosphate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, heavy isoparaffin, lipophilic glycerol monostearate, aluminum hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, hydrolyzed soybean phospholipid, concentrated glycerin, phenoxy Ethanol, methyl paraben, flavor, caramel, titanium dioxide *; no active ingredients :; other ingredients Lil, DL-pyro

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