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ATTENIR Skin Clear Cleanse Oil (Unscented) 175ml

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The unique [skin dirt] removal effect makes the skin bright and ceramic-like. "Skin dirt" is the third cause of dullness following melanin following poor blood circulation. "Rock Rose Essential Oil" and "Helichrysum Oil" are two innovative functional ingredients that can eliminate [skin dirt] caused by [oxidation]. In addition, [Coral Oil] is a new mixture that can decompose [skin dirt] caused by . Adding these ingredients to products that can wash off the cleansing power of waterproof cosmetics can wash your skin more clean and smooth, make it brighter and create a ceramic-like skin.


No need to wash your face, even with wet hands. If you have just washed your hair and the skin is very wet, please simply wipe it before using this product. People who use normal mascara (cyanoacrylates) can also use this product. If you rub hard, the eyelashes will come off, so apply gently along the eyelash flow.


If skin discomfort occurs, please stop using it immediately.


Coral grass oil, rock rose oil, immortelle oil (emollient that keeps skin dull), argan oil (an ingredient that removes pores and dirt), baobab oil (an auxiliary ingredient for barrier function), melts quickly prescription. No pigments, no mineral oils, no parabens, no alcohol, allergy test and no acne prescription (prescriptions that do not cause acne) * Not all people have allergies or acne.

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Atenea Co., Ltd. 0120-175-333, 9F, FANCL Building, 89-1 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture