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BCL Saborino GoodNight Face Mask Chamomile 28 Sheets

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【how to use】 (1) Open the lid, hold the edge of the mask and pull it up. (2) Spread the mask on your face and stretch it to the left and right to fit it and leave it for 60 seconds. (3) Remove the mask and you're done! Folding and putting is also recommended. * For those who are concerned about dryness, it is more effective to leave it for about 5-10 minutes.


● Just pull it out after taking a bath and put it on to complete the night skin care! ● An all-in-one mask that allows moisturizing ingredients to penetrate tightly, and can even care for dead skin cells and tighten pores. ● Chamomile orange scent.


【Notes】 ● Do not use on areas with an abnormality such as a wound, swelling or eczema. ● Carefully check that you have no abnormalities on your skin before using. ● Should this disagree with your skin, that is, in the following cases, discontinue use. (1) Should you observe any abnormalities such as redness, swelling, itchiness, rash, color loss (white spots etc.) and skin darkening during use. (2) When the skin used is exposed to direct sunlight and the above abnormalities appear. ● If you continue to use cosmetics as it is, the symptoms may worsen, so please consult a dermatologist or our customer service office. ● Keep out of reach of children. ● Do not store in places with extremely high or low temperatures or in direct sunlight.


Water, glycerin, propanediol, diglycerin, PPG-14 polyglyceryl-2 ether, ascorbyl glucoside, isayoi rose extract, orange oil, chamomile flower extract, glycyrrhizinic acid 2K, sphingomonas culture extract, peppermint leaf extract, honey, sodium hyaluronate , Betaine, Johova seed oil, Polyquaternium-61, Mematsuyoigusa seed extract, Lavender flower extract, Wild thyme extract, Water-soluble collagen, Peat extract, (Eicosandioic acid / Tetradecanedioic acid) Polyglyceryl-10, BG, PEG-60 water Sprinkled castor oil, ethanol, xanthan gum, citric acid, Na citrate, cyclohexane-1, bisethoxydiglycol 4-dicarboxylic acid, menthol, malic acid, tocopherol, phenoxyethanol, ethylparaben, methylparaben, fragrance

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