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Betta Exclusive brush set

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Brush for nipples is easy to clean and renewed ★ A special brush set that can wash glass and plastic completely ♪ A special brush set that can clean every corner of the Doctor Betta baby bottle has been upgraded and is now available. A set of brushes for baby bottles and nipples. The brush for baby bottles, which uses white horse hair, which is used as a high-grade brush material, is supple yet highly elastic, and can be washed properly up to the curves and corners of Dr. Betta baby bottles. The nipple brush is made of nylon and has a rounded tip while carefully considering the length of the bristles. Both are convenient when washing anything other than baby bottles ♪ Please use widely after graduating from milk. It has been awarded the 2nd Kids Design Award for its convenience of being able to wash both glass and plastic, and for its ability to maintain high durability by being properly maintained.


Good usage of nipple brush While pressing the tip of the nipple with your finger.


It can also be torn if you poke hard! Wash gently


Baby bottle brush: 100% white horse hair Nipple brush: 100% nylon Handle: Stainless

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