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Betta Jewel spare nipple 2 pieces (cross cut)

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I want to make a nipple that fits into the mouths of more babies ... Jewel nipples were born from that idea. We gathered the voices of moms who use betta habitually, and after repeated research, it was born! An ideal nipple that has cleared a number of strict check items such as the size of the hole, the softness of the silicone rubber, the ease of opening the air valve, the difficulty of collapsing, etc. This is a [Cross cut] type, which is designed so that milk is not released until the baby sucks it. The amount of milk that comes out at one time is larger than that of a round hole. Jewel nipples can be used for both "Jewel Series" and "Brain Series".


The nipple is a consumable item. We recommend that you replace it with a new one within 1-2 months.


○ When using a Jewel nipple, use it with "Jewel Cap Hood" or "Brain Cap Hood". ○ If the air valve on the back side is damaged, it may cause milk leakage. Please be careful when cleaning.



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