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CANMAKE Glow Fleur Cheeks 04 Strawberry Fleur 6.3g

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● A trendy cheek with a cute and happy luster like bare skin. -A smile with a happy feeling blooms cutely like a fresh and colorful petal. ● Even though it is a powder, it doesn't look powdery, and it feels like a cream and is soft and melts like a melt. !! ● The transparent luster gives you a cute and lively impression. ● Contains soft focus powder! Makes pores less noticeable and creates a transparent, beautiful skin ● Combination prevention powder compound! Keeps beautiful colors for a long time! ● Beautiful skin care while making cheeks happy ● Beauty moisturizing ingredients, collagen, hyaluronic acid, ectoine ● Plant ingredients and fruit extracts (moisturizing ingredients) Rosemary leaf extract, rosehip oil, pomegranate flower extract, damask rose flower oil, Neubara fruit extract ● Mineral oil, petroleum-based surfactant, UV absorber, fragrance, alcohol-free! !!


1. With a brush, mix the cheeks a few times with Kukuru in a circular motion and put them on your cheeks. To finish, add glow powder to the high cheeks and fluffy to improve the transparency. 2. Mix the cheek part and the whole glow powder with a brush and kurukuru and put them on your cheeks for a sheer, shiny impression.


・ Should this disagree with your skin, discontinue use. ・ Please keep out of reach of children. ・ Be careful not to drop it to prevent powder breakage.


Diisostearyl malate, dimethicone, (HDI / trimethylolhexyl lactone) crosspolymer, zinc stearate, silica, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, tocopherol, water, BG, arbutin, ectoin, damask rose flower oil, sodium hyaluronate, rosehip Oil, Neubara fruit extract, pomegranate flower extract, rosemary leaf extract, water-soluble collagen, (+/-) talc, mica, synthetic phlogopite, titanium oxide, iron oxide, red 226, red 202, tin oxide

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IDA Co., Ltd. Sumitomo Real Estate Kojimachi First Building, 3rd floor, 6-chome, Kojimachi 4-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo