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CANMAKE Rush Care Essence 4.2g

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Gives firmness to the eyelashes that are damaged by everyday eyelash makeup and false eyelashes removal. A soft tip type with plenty of liquid applied from the root. By continuing every day, let's aim for lively eyelashes that are hard to come off.


● Use for clean eyelashes after washing your face in the morning and evening. ● When using mascara or eyelash curler, please dry before using.


・ Be careful not to get this in your eyes. ・ Should this disagree with your skin, discontinue use. ・ Store out of reach of children.


Water, BG, ethanol, diglycerin, hydroxyethyl cellulose, (vinylpyrrolidone / VA) copolymer, carbomer, AMP, methylparaben, phenoxyethanol, panthenol, dilauroylglutamate lysine Na, sembri extract, succinylglycyrrhetinic acid 2Na, ascorbyl palmitate, acetic acid Tocopherol, Hydrolyzed silk, Hydrolyzed elastin, Panax ginseng extract, Arge extract, Hydrolyzed conchiolin, Loquat leaf extract, Hydrolyzed collagen, Sage leaf extract, Holland mustard extract

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IDA Co., Ltd. Sumitomo Real Estate Kojimachi First Building, 3rd floor, 6-chome, Kojimachi 4-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo