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DHC Melilot 20 days 40 tablets

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High quality and low price for everyday health 4 major ingredients clean the water! !! Merrilot extract 200mg, Java tea extract 20mg, Ginkgo biloba extract 20mg, Capsicum extract 2mg Per daily recommended amount Diet for people who want to style Shoes are tight The legume herb, Merrilot, gives you a refreshing and confident style.


Take 2 capsules daily as a guide. Please enjoy with water or lukewarm water.


● Please enjoy the recommended amount of the day. ● If you feel any allergies in your body, discontinue drinking. ● Please check the ingredients and do not take if you have food allergies. ● If you are taking medicine, visiting the hospital, or if you are pregnant, consult a doctor before use. ● Since health foods are foods, you can basically enjoy them anytime. If you take it after meals, it will be more easily digested and absorbed. For other recommended timings, see the product details above. ● Avoid direct sunlight, places with high temperature and humidity, please save. ● Please keep out of reach of children. ● After opening, firmly close the opening and consume as soon as possible. Balance your diet based on staple foods, main dishes and side dishes. ◆ Carefully read the instructions and precautions for use of this product before use.


Olive oil, Merrilot extract powder, Java tea extract powder, Ginkgo biloba extract powder, gelatin, glycerin, beeswax, glycerin fatty acid ester, capsicum extract

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DHC Co., Ltd. Health Food Counseling Office 2-7-1 Minamiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 0120-575-368