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DR. SCHOLL Medi Qtto Translucent Beige Compression Tights (M)

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● Pull the product with both hands and fit it in the order of toes and heels. ● While pulling enough to your knees, slowly pull up alternately left and right. ● Pull up alternately from the knees to the thighs while pulling sufficiently to the crotch. ● Align the hip line and pull it up to the waist to wear it.


○ Beautiful legs that look natural with bare skin ○ Stretch type that is easy to wear even though it is pressured ○ Cut-up structure based on medicine Excellent elasticity and comfortable legs all day long


Precautions for use (1) Do not use if you have severe blood circulation disorders. (2) The following people, please consult your doctor before use. Those who are being treated for diabetes, deep vein thrombosis, blood circulation disorder, congestive heart failure, inflammatory disease, neuropathy at the wearing site, etc. (3) Please note the following when wearing. 1. Do not use items that do not match the size or stack two sheets. 2. Avoid wrinkles and sagging during use. 3. Stretch the dough under your knees and behind your knees so that it does not curl. Do not fold the rubber mouthpiece and keep it straight. 4. Do not wear at bedtime. (4) If you feel sick, feel discomfort such as pain or numbness, or feel any abnormalities such as itchiness or rash, discontinue use immediately. (5) There is no limit to the wearing time (except at bedtime). (6) To prevent the product from deforming, do not use or store it in a twisted state.


nylon, polyurethane

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3-20-14 Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Sumitomo Realty & Development Takanawa Park Tower 14F