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EBiSU Premium 82

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● It is a toothbrush (normal) that can be brushed firmly. ● The wide head has a large number of holes and a large amount of flocked hair, and the large contact area with teeth allows easy and efficient removal of plaque by regular brushing. ● Soft bristles that gently care for the gums are used on the outside, and hard bristles that firmly brush the tooth surface are used on the inside. ● Two types of tips, ultra-tapered and flat, remove plaque. ● A wide head that covers a wide range of teeth.


1. Apply water to the brush. 2. Brush to massage between teeth and gums, and between teeth. 3. Rinse with water. 1. Apply toothpaste to the brush. 2. Brush your teeth. 3. Rinse with water.


・ Let's brush with light force so as not to damage the gums. ・ If the hair ends open, replace it.


Handle Material: Polypropylene, EPDM Hair Material: Nylon Hair hardness: Normal Heat-resistant temperature: 80 degrees

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Ebisu Co., Ltd. 0743-56-0791 321 Nishimachi, Yamatokoriyama City, Nara Prefecture 639-1191