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Eisai Chocola BB Lucent C 180 tablets

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***Due to the recent tighening control policy of the SG Customs, all products that exceed SGD400 might risk being taxed. We advise you to separate orders exceed SGD400. We are not responsible for the tax incurred.***


"[Expiration date of medicines]

We sell products with an expiration date of 120 days or longer


Product category: Third-class medicines


[Product details of Chocola BB Lucent C ]

Chocola BB Lucent C is vitamin C 600mg and L -Contain 240mg of cysteine ​to make melanin colorless under the epidermis. By blending vitamins B2 and B6, the skin's metabolism (turnover) is normalized, and spots and freckles are alleviated to restore the original clean skin.



(1) Alleviation of the following symptoms,

pigmentation due to freckles, sunburn/rash

: (2) Vitamin C supplementation in the following cases During

physical fatigue, pregnancy/lactation, during physical illness after illness , Old age

(3) Prevention of bleeding in the following cases

Gum bleeding, nose bleeding

* However, if the symptoms of (1) and (3) above do not improve after using for about 1 month, see a doctor. , Consult a pharmacist or dentist.


・Take the following amounts with water or hot water before or after eating.

(Age・・・1 dose/number of doses per day)

Adult (15 years old or older)・・・2 tablets/3 times

7 years old to under 15 years old・・・1 tablet/3 times

less than 7 years old・・・Do not take it

※ in the case to be taken in children (less than 7 years of age or 15 years of age) is, please let me be taken under the supervision of their parents.


Precautions related to dosage and administration

・Vitamin C may affect the test values ​​for urine and stool. Please let us know.

・By taking this drug, urine may turn yellow, but this is not a concern because the vitamin B2 contained in this drug is absorbed and part of it is excreted in the urine.


**Strictly no return /refund for change of mind**