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Eishin Pharmaceutical

Eishin Pharmaceutical Diet maru Fat Jelly 10 packs

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The "Diet maru" series "Fat Paku Paku" is the perfect diet jelly for you who love greasy food. It is recommended to drink once daily at night! Blended with proprietary lactic acid bacteria, dietary fiber and 9 kinds of vegetables, it was confined in black jelly. It is a diet supplement that you can greet refreshingly the next morning. how to use


As a food, take 1-2 packages daily as a guide. In addition, you can enjoy even more deliciously by cooling in the refrigerator. ※After opening, please enjoy as soon as possible.


Avoid heat and humidity and direct sunlight, please store in a cool dark place.


Indigestible dextrin, erythritol, candle bush powder, maltodextrin, lactic acid bacteria powder, young barley leaf, kale, sweet potato, spinach, squash, carrot, mulberry leaf, large leaf / plant charcoal pigment, gelling agent (thickening polysaccharide) , Citric acid, sodium citrate, sweeteners (sucralose, acesulfame K, stevia)

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