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Elefique ~20 Lady s Beauty Supplement~

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① One bag can supplement the nutrients needed by women. ② Various ingredients have the effect of enhancing each other's effects. (Synergistic effect) Finished to adjust the internal balance comprehensively from the viewpoint of prevention. ③Each nutritional ingredient is necessary for humans, so it can be taken not only by women but also by men. ④ Supplements nutrients that cannot be supplemented with normal diets and nutrients that tend to be lacking. ⑤ It is also effective in preventing lifestyle-related diseases.


[Approximate day] 1 bag [In one bag] Calcium & Magnesium & Zinc (vegetable twintose) (★), Vitamin B & C (★), DHA emulsion absorption type, enzyme garlic egg yolk, turmeric (★) (The ★ mark is the original supplement of “Age Supplement”.)


【please note】 * This product contains eggs, soybeans and gelatin as part of its ingredients. If you have food allergies, please do not eat. * Please do not eat if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. * With this product, urine may turn yellow, but this is temporary due to vitamin B2, so don't worry.


Safflower oil domestic production, collagen peptide, fish origin, fructooligosaccharide, reduced maltose starch syrup, dextrin, bilberry extract powder, olive leaf powder, copper yeast, eyebright extract powder, artichoke leaf powder, zinc yeast, coenzyme Q10 vitamin C, Gelatin, crystalline cellulose, glycerin, vitamin E, HPMC, beeswax, L-cystine, marigold pigment, glycerin fatty acid ester, inositol, tomato pigment, calcium pantothenate, Ca stearate, silicon dioxide, vitamin B, caramel pigment, B-carotene , Gum arabic, ferric bipyrophosphate, niacin, vitamin B, vitamin B. , Hesperidin, Vitamin D, Biotin, Folic acid, Vitamin B12, Including some, milk, soybean, gelatin

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Okuma Bussan Co., Ltd. OKUMA Bldg. 06-6210-1626, 2-8, Kashiri, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka 555-0022, Japan