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ETTUSAIS Mascara Base Eyelash Primer Cream 6g

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Sweatproof and sebum-resistant. Contains hyaluronic acid and amino acid hair repairing ingredients. It effectively lifts lashes from roots. Upwarping, curling, lengthening, separating, thickening lashes.


After curling the lashes in the curler, addressed the comb to root original eyelashes, please wear to bring dissolved the eyelashes towards it earlier. After that, you finished with your existing mascara. When dropped, please use an oil-based makeup remover such as cleansing oil. If you have piled up mascara to fall in hot water, it dropped from a while and rub with hot water of about 40 ℃. We have to drop easy prescription, but if mascara overlaid from the top fell hard, we recommend that you use the cleansing of the eyes only.


◇ Please note that turning a blind eye. ◇ Please rinse immediately when it reaches the eyes. ◇ After use, please tighten the wiping cap the mouth of the container. ◇ that it may be altered and dilute with water or toilet water, please stop. ◇ because it does not fall and get such as clothes, please note. ◇ Please do and not placed in the high temperature of the place where the hits of the day.


Hydrogenated polyisobutene, dextrin palmitate, cyclopentasiloxane, disteardimonium hectorite, trimethylsiloxy silicic acid, PEG-10 dimethicone, polyethylene, nylon-6, water, BG, tetra isostearate sucrose, triisostearate PEG-20 hydrogenated castor oil, arginine, hyaluronic acid Na, coriander fruit extract, stevia leaf / stem extract, BHT, tocopherol, ethanol, silica, triethoxy caprylyl silane, iron oxide, carbon black

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Co., Ltd. Eteyuse 105-8620 Tokyo, Minato-ku, Hamamatsu-cho 2-chome third No. 1