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[Exp: Feb-2023] FANCL Moist Lift Mask 28ml*6 [SSL]

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This product uses a facial mask rich in beauty liquid to concentrate on skin care.


 Instantly refreshes the lines of the face, at the same time clings to the skin, penetrates the beauty ingredients into all corners of the skin, maintaining the lifting effect.


 Makes skin elastic.




 Pull prescription


 An elastic film is formed on the skin surface to increase the elasticity of facial lines and cheeks.






 The loose collagen deep in the skin is connected to improve it.




 Adaptive collagen


 The original collagen developed strengthens the collagen lost in the skin.




 Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid


 Support moist collagen while maintaining moisture.






 At the same time, it acts on the separated collagen and hyaluronic acid to connect them.




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