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[Exp: Feb-2023] HABA Job's Tears Tablets 450 tablets [SSL]

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The domestically-grown Job’s tears is pulverized in its entirety, including the husk, and then matured through HABA’s unique enzyme treatment process. Compared to ordinary Job’s tears (hulled grain), it contains more dietary fiber and amino acids.

 Job’s tears pulverized in its entirety contains an abundance of dietary fiber. Through the enzyme treatment process, proteins contained in Job’s tears are changed into an easily-absorbed form. Vitamins and minerals which are important beauty ingredients, and copper which helps with absorption, have been added to our Job’s tears. The supplement facilitates bowel movement.


 Recommended for:

 Those who want to maintain beauty and health.

 Those who want to keep comfortable life.

 Those who want to stay young and beautiful.


 Job’s tears has long been used habitually by many women for the improvement of their physical condition and for beauty purposes. As a Chinese medicine, it is said to be effective in removing warts, and is well known by the name of “coix seed".


 “HABA’S ORIGINAL JOB’S TEARS" is produced by pulverizing domestically-grown Job’s tears in its entirety (including the husk and soft hull) and processing it with an enzyme.


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