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FANCL Complex Vitamins For Men 50s (30 Days)

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30 bags


This product not only pays special attention to ingredients, In order to further improve health, we have made it suitable for people after the age of 50 A pack of supplements to use! Applicable people are those who want to take nutritional supplements now, and those who do not know how to ingest. This product is a nutritional supplement suitable for different ages and genders. Anyone can simply choose the nutrients suitable for them. Glycosyl transfer hesperidin and chitosan ・ Contribute to the health of those who care about neutral fat Sea Cucumber & Oyster ・ In addition to alcohol, it can also promote lifestyle habits and improve body values


【Daily dosage】 1 ~ 2 bags 【In 1 bag】 Blueberry & Cysteine & Astaxanthin, Nattokinase & DHA (★), Ginkgo Leaf, Reduced Coenzyme Q 10 (★), Vitamin B & C (★), Sugar Transfer Sea Urchin Gin & Kumquat, Sea Cucumber & Oyster (★ The logo is the nutrient element in "Nutrient Elements Required by Different Ages".)


【note】 ※ Some of the raw materials of this product contain crab, egg, milk, orange, soybean, gelatin. People who are allergic to the above foods are advised not to consume it. ※ Pregnant women, breastfeeding women and children are not allowed to eat.


【Main ingredients per bag】 Vitamin E: 3.5mg, Vitamin C: 333mg, Vitamin B 1: 8.3mg, Vitamin B 2: 4mg, Niacin: 5mg, Vitamin B 6: 4.1mg, Folic acid: 177μg, Vitamin B 12: 21μg, Vitamin B: 167μg, pantothenic acid: 10mg, zinc: 1.2mg, selenium: 2.4μg, vitamin P: 2.8mg, folic acid: 17mg, reduced coenzyme Q 10: 15mg, ginkgo leaf extract: 60mg (flavonoids: 24%, terben Amycin: 6%), natto bacteria culture essence: 25mg (nattokinase: 500FU), tocopherol: 6mg, DHA: 41mg, flavin: 5mg, astaxanthin (as free body): 2mg, Xining- 3-glucan: 1.2 mg, turmeric-derived methionine: 11 mg, oyster meat extract: 20 mg, Maria Sami extract: 65 mg (cillin: 42 mg), L-cysteine peptide: 1.6 mg, monogluconate Glycoside: 88mg, glycine: 25mg [Xining-3-glutamic acid contains 10 mg of blueberry extract and 13.3 mg of black soybean seed coat essence. ]

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