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FANCL Calorie Diet 120 Tablets

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Product description
Fancl Calorie Limit: Diet without the effort!
Fancl Calorie Limit is a diet supplement that suppresses the absorption of sugar and fat eaten during meals. These small, easy to take supplements can be taken as you need them.
Taking Calorie Limit before meals prevents your blood-sugar and blood-lipid levels from spiking. Packaged in a lightweight, secure bag, these supplements are easy to carry with you so you can take any time you need them!

This Fancl Calorie Limit is supplement is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy their favorite foods without stress.

Fancl Calorie Limit: Key ingredients
Gymnemic acid
Iminosugar (derived from mulberry leaf )
Epigallocatechin gallate (derived from green tea)
Phaseolamin (derived from kidney beans)
How to take Fancl Calorie Limit
Take 4 tablets before meals, up to 3 times a day.

Please be sure to pair Fancl Calorie Limit with a healthy diet and exercise plan.
Allergy information: This product contains shellfish.
Not suitable for those who are pregnant or nursing.
If you're taking medicine, are in hospital, or have diabetes, please consult your doctor before taking Fancl Calorie Limit.
Ingredients (per 4 tablets)
Gymnema sylvestre extract: 67mg (15% total gymnemic acid)
Mulberry leaf extract: 200mg
Oolong green tea extract: 200mg
Chitosan: 100mg
Kidney bean extract: 4.8mg