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FANCL Complex Vitamins For Men 50s (30 Days)

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Estimated 1, 2008 - One to two bags


Carefully selected ingredients for the 50s men who want to keep youthful changes to the body, in one pack. People think trying now a supplement, recommended for those who do not know the take way! The supplements that are suitable for age and sex, has decided to one pack. Anyone, you can choose easily a supplement to their own.


【Allergic substance】 Soy, yam, gelatin 【please note】 If you are pregnant or breast-feeding ※, children, please do not eat. By this product ※, but your urine may become yellow, this does not worry because it is temporary due to vitamin B2.


Fujicha extract, vitamin C, cellulose, pullulan, sucrose esters, inositol, calcium pantothenate, vitamin B1, niacinamide, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin P, cyclic oligosaccharides, biotin, folic acid, vitamin B12, edible scallop shell flour, starch hydrolyzate, starch, zinc yeast, plant lactic acid bacteria sterilization powder, magnesium oxide, cellulose, calcium stearate, du Nari Ella carotene, natto gum, vitamin D, edible processed fat and oil, reduced coenzyme Q10, hydroxypropyl cellulose, sorbitol , glycerin, lecithin, caramel color, antioxidants (vitamin C), vegetable oil, black soybean seed coat extract, bilberry extract, gelatin, glycerin, Haematococcus algae dye, beeswax, marigold pigment, tartaric acid, antioxidants (vitamin E ), vegetable oil, rice oil extract, natto culture extract powder, Hihatsuekisu powder, mixed tocopherols, gelatin, alpha-tocopherol, glycerin, glycerin esters, beeswax, DHA-containing purified fish oil, green tea extract, olive leaf extract powder, gelatin, glycerin , glycerol esters, vitamin E, antioxidants (vitamin E, catechin), palm oil carotene, yam extract, zinc yeast, reduced maltose, starch, edible scallop shell flour, cellulose, acidulants, particulate silicon dioxide, calcium stearate, vitamin D

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Co., Ltd. FANCL Yubinbango231-8528 Naka-ku, Yokohama Yamashita-cho 89-1 Contact 0120-750-210