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FANCL Moist Refine Lotion II Moist 30ml

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This product is a high-moisture series that solves complex skin troubles such as dryness and texture disorder, moisturizes the dryness of the skin (*), and makes the skin full of moisture. The soft and viscous makeup liquid penetrates into the skin, creating a moisturizing skin with a unique W moisturizing method. Suitable for normal skin, mixed skin, dry skin. * "Deep skin" refers to the stratum corneum.


(1) After washing your face, spread an appropriate amount of this product (100 yen coin size) on a clean palm and gently apply it to the entire face. (2) Because the product is thick, after shaking, control the dosage. (3) Then apply the lotion evenly to keep the skin moisturized.


【Shelf life】 After opening / within 60 days Unopened / Within 2 years No preservatives, fragrances, synthetic pigments, petroleum surfactants, or ultraviolet absorbers are used. ※ Weak acid and production date have been recorded.


Water, glycerin, DPG, tyrosine, maltitol, BG, methylglucose-10, raffinose, pentanediol, succinyl-terminal collagen, orange peel extract, mannitol, sphingolipid, glucose, trehalose Royal jelly extract, sweet pea extract, betaine, ethyl cyclophospholipid, xanthan gum, macromolecule gum, Tremella polysaccharide, lecithin, phytosterol, phosphoric acid 2K, phosphoric acid 2Na, phosphoric acid K, sodium citrate, lemon Acid, tocopherol

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FANCL Inc. supplement consultation room 〒231-8528 89-1 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi