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FANCL White Washing Powder C+ 50g

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(1) In order to improve the bubble, and to clean and wash the pre-palm. (2) palm out an appropriate amount, add water or lukewarm water. ※ is recommended for good foaming better of lukewarm water than water. ※ When issuing the powder, please press the bottle side. (3) so as to draw a big circle, and beat while included the air. (4) After washing, please rinse sufficiently with water or lukewarm water.


After opening / within 60 days unopened / within three years


Glucose, cornstarch, mannitol, myristoyl glutamate Na, lauroyl glutamic acid Na, palm fatty acid glutamate Na, rice starch, PEG-75, lauroyl aspartic acid Na, myristic acid Na, talc, behenyl alcohol, myristic acid K, lauric acid Na, lauric acid K , ascorbyl phosphate Mg, pyrophyllite, bentonite, sea salt, glycyrrhizin acid 2K, stearic acid, agar, hydroxypropyl starch phosphate, aminoethane sulfinic acid, lauramidopropyl amine oxide, serine, sorbitol, glycerin, dextran hydroxypropyltrimonium Moniumukurorido, palmitic acid K, palmitic acid Na, lauric acid, quartz, polyglyceryl oleate -10, tocopherol

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