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FANCL Deep Charge Collagen Powder 10pcs For 10days

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FANCL's unique collagen "HTC collagen" is different from other collagens. HTC collagens are cut into smaller pieces, which are effectively absorbed by body. Also, their research resulted in showing that HTC collagen has better ability to regenerate more collagen. Vitamin C and Rose bud extract support the work of HTC collagen. It also has hyaluronic acid prepared in the powder. You can take 3000mg of collagen by consuming 1 bag a day. Free of synthetic colourings, aroma, and preservatives.


【Daily dosage】 1 piece 【Eating Method】 Please mix it with your favorite drink or food. Mix it with watery things like soup. Coffee, milk, green tea ... Add this product to your usual drink. Mix in yogurt and jelly.


【Allergic substance】 Milk, gelatin


Contains high content of tripeptide tyrosine (containing gelatin), Erissritol, rosebud essence / vitamin C, fragrance (derived from milk), hyaluronic acid

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FANCL Co., Ltd. 89-1 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-8528 Contact information 0120-750-210