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geL and geL

geL and geL 4-In-1 Moisturizing For Sensitive Skin Gel Face Cream 10g

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● After as lotion ... washing the face, it extends the gel cream to the entire face. Number familiar Innovation - given the gloss, gives firmness to your skin! ● with plenty before going to bed as an emulsion ... night. Keep your skin of moisture, to prevent them from drying out. Soften your skin, and smooth. ● as a makeup base ... stretched thin gel cream to the entire face, 2 to 3 minutes waiting to adapt to your skin. After that, OK in the foundation and point make-up! ● gel cream that can be used in the other ... the whole body! To prevent drying of the Hijiya heel, you can use it to protect your skin ♪


Please use wrong with your skin with care good or does not occur. When the cosmetics is not suitable to your skin, that is, in the case such as the following, please discontinue use. And continue to use cosmetics, because it may worsen the symptoms, we recommend that you consult your doctor and dermatologist. (1) In use, redness, swelling, itching, irritation, color loss when abnormality such as (such as white spots) and darkening appeared (2) to your skin that you use, when an abnormality, such as the direct sunlight appeared ● scratches and swelling, eczema, etc., in an area of ​​abnormal Please do not use. ● When the eyes, please rinse immediately. ※ Please close the always lid tightly after use. ※ Please keep out of reach of children. ※ Extremely hot or cold places, please do not keep in direct sunlight.


Purified water BG moisturizing Glycerin maltitol hyaluronate Na brown algae extract fermented soybean extract hydrolyzed soy protein Aroeberaekisu -1 Kakkonekisu chlorella extract squalane avocado oil licorice flavonoid Kawarayomogiekisu Ougonekisu hydrolyzed silk Bifidobacteria fermented extract allantoin glycyrrhizinate 2K tocopherol chloride carbomer potassium hydroxide methyl paraben

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