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HABA Pic Ace 90 tablets

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This product can make women full of energy and become beautiful. This product contains Pycnogenol® extract from French Coastal Pine Bark. This product is a balanced mixture supplement containing squalene and vitamin E, with Pycnogenol® as its main ingredient. Pycnogenol® is extracted from the bark of the “coastal pine”. It grows naturally on the southwest coast of France and contains several flavonoids and organic acids. ◎ Women who want to spend each month quietly and comfortably ◎ People who want young and beautiful ◎ People who want to spend the middle and old age comfortably


2~4 tablets per day


* If you are pregnant or may become pregnant, please do not take it. * Please avoid infants and young children ingesting this product.


1 tablet / 400 mg (content 250 mg) Energy 11kcal, Vitamin E 222.4mg, Pycnogenol® 60mg, Squalene 556mg Ingredients: Deep sea shark refined liver extract (domestic), French coast pine bark extract / gelatin, vitamin E, glycerin, beeswax (including some soybeans / gelatin) ● Allergens with labels: soybean / gelatin * Package may change.

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HABA Research Institute Co., Ltd. 1-24-11 Kandasudacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo