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IPSA Luminizing Clay Tighten Pores Massage Mask 100g

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This product has a high-absorption cleansing effect and moisturizing effect, which makes the skin easier to keep it shiny. It is a clean massage mask. Use 1-2 times a week to remove unwanted cuticles and dirt deep in pores, leaving skin soft and transparent. 2WAY type to be used separately according to skin condition and maintenance time. Both dry skin and moist skin can be used.


When used on dry skin Please use it 1-2 times a week, on the skin that wipes off moisture after washing your face. Please take an appropriate amount of this product at your fingertips (about 4cm on half of the face), avoid the eyes and mouth, and massage like a spiral. When you want a more transparent feeling, please leave it for 5 minutes. Afterwards, rinse off the dirt and rinse around the nose carefully. When using on wet skin, please use on wet skin after washing. Take an appropriate amount at your fingertips (about 4cm on the half of the face), avoid the eyes and mouth, and massage like a spiral. Then, rinse off the dirt and carefully rinse around the nose. Please avoid using it for two consecutive days.


Please be careful not to get in your eyes. If it enters, please do not wipe it, rinse immediately. If the eyes have a foreign body sensation, please consult an ophthalmologist. After use, wipe the mouth of the container clean, and be sure to cover the lid. Please keep out of reach of infants. Please do not put it in a place exposed to sunlight or high temperature.


Water, glycerin, talc, BG, DPG, zinc oxide, kaolin, crystalline cellulose, ethanol, bentonite, glyceryl stearate SE, stearyl alcohol, behenyl alcohol, betaine, lauryl betaine, PEG PPG-147 dimethyl ether, tanacla clay, tocopherol acetate, lavender oil, Acetyl hyaluronate Na, Panax ginseng root extract, chamomile flower extract, PEG-5 glyceryl stearate, EDTA-3Na, isostearic acid, Al hydroxide, phenoxyethanol, sodium benzoate, titanium oxide

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