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KINCHO KAORI RING Insect Repellent Ring (Flower Scent) 30P

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An insect repellent with a gentle flower scent that can be used as an accessory. Silicone rubber band fits wrists and ankles perfectly for children and adults. Includes 5 cute colors and shapes of rings. The effect lasts for about 12 hours in an easy-to-understand daily use. You can use it as if it were an accessory, even after the effect is gone. Contains the scent component of flowers that insects dislike. Does not include insecticidal ingredients. With 30 pieces, you can use it together with your family and friends. The effect does not change even if it gets wet with water. Skin allergy tested (not all people are not allergic). We have confirmed the effect even on fire ants designated as specific alien species.


Remove the bracelet from the inner bag contained in this bag, and return the inner bag to this bag after use. Please attach one to your wrist, ankle, bag or hat and carry it with you. If there are many insects, increase the number and use. It is more effective if it is used on both the wrist and ankle. For ants and fire ants, please also attach to both ankles. The effect lasts for about 12 hours. (However, the effect varies depending on the wind direction and usage environment)


Do not use it for any other purpose. This product cannot be eaten. If you feel itching, eczema or redness on your skin during or after use, discontinue use immediately and rinse thoroughly with water. If you lick it by mistake, gargle with water. Should you feel any allergies in your body, bring this product and consult a doctor. It may be accidentally swallowed, so be careful under the supervision of a parent when using it by children. Especially if you have sensitive skin or have an allergic constitution, please be careful when using it. This product is for wrists and ankles. Do not use it anywhere else. Also, never use on the neck. Do not use if you feel tightening or discomfort when attached to your wrist or ankle. Do not wrap it tightly. There is a risk of poor circulation. Depending on the storage conditions, droplets due to fragrance may occur in the inner bag, but this does not affect performance. If you are stung by a fire ant, seek medical attention immediately. Fire ants are highly aggressive, and if you stimulate the nest, they may attack in groups, so please do not approach the fire ants or the nest of the fire ants carelessly. [Caution for storage and disposal] Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool place out of reach of children. When storing, return the entire inner bag to this bag and close the chuck tightly. For disposal, please follow the instructions of the local government.


Fragrance, silicone rubber

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Dainippon Pyrexia Chrysanthemum Co., Ltd. 06-6441-1105, 1-4-11 Tosabori, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0001, Japan