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KOBAYASHI Pharmaceutical Nightmin Nasal Breathing Tape Aroma Lavender Fragrance

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● Just put it on your mouth and it will be adjusted to human's original breathing method (nasal breathing). ● Reduces mouth / throat dryness and snoring sounds when waking up and promotes a good night's sleep. * The effect (according to an in-house test) obtained by encouraging nasal breathing. ● Effects vary from person to person. ● A silicone tampon adhesive that does not hurt when peeled off and is gentle on the skin. ● It is not a medical device.


(1) Remove the nasal breathing tape from the transparent film. (2) Close the mouth and apply on the center of the lips. * Make sure that you can breathe through your nose. (3) Go to bed with nasal breathing tape attached.


● This product is used to prevent mouth breathing at bedtime, and should not be used for any other purpose. ● Do not use if you have a nasal congestion or a disorder that causes nasal breathing, or if you have nausea or nausea. ● Do not use if you cannot remove this product by yourself (dementia, drinking alcohol, taking sleeping pills). ● Do not use for infants and children. ● Do not use if you have a rash on your skin or lips, or if you have acne, scratches, swelling, or eczema. ● If you are sweating or using skin care products around your mouth, wipe them well before using. Also, if the re-adhesion is repeated, the adhesion will deteriorate, so avoid it if possible. ● This product is a single-use item and can be used only once per sheet. ● Discontinue use if you feel uncomfortable with your skin, such as feeling a strong discomfort to your skin (itch, pain, etc.) or abnormal skin (harness, rash, etc.). If you have any allergies on your skin, bring this product and consult a dermatologist. ● If you feel sick or have difficulty breathing due to using this product, discontinue use. ● Stick it so that the whole mouth is not blocked. ● If you are taking medicine or if you are using a treatment device, consult a doctor before use. ● Do not place in high temperature and high humidity. ● Keep out of reach of children to prevent misuse.


Adhesive: Silicone Non-woven fabric base: Polyester (fragrance)

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Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company 4-4-10 Doshomachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0045, Japan Customer consultation room: 0120-5884-06