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KOBAYASHI Pharmaceutical Nightmin Nasal Breathing Tape Aroma Lavender Fragrance [Ship from SG / 100% Authentic]


KOBAYASHI Pharmaceutical Nightmin Nasal Respiratory Tape Aroma Lavender Fragrance (21 plasters)

What It Does

A nasal breathing tape for those who snores.

It reduces sound and promotes a good night's sleep. Simply stick it on your mouth to use. It is a silicone-type adhesive that does not hurt when peeled off and is gentle on the skin. It has a relaxing lavender scent.

Directions for Use

(1) Remove the nasal breathing tape from the transparent film
(2) Close your mouth and stick it in the center of your lips
* Make sure that you can breathe through your nose.
(3) Go to bed with the nasal breathing tape attached

Ingredient List

Adhesive: Silicon system
Non -woven: polyester (fragrance)


�If you are sweating or using skin care products around your mouth, wipe them well before using. Also, if you repeat re-pasting, sticking will worsen, so avoid it as much as possible.
�The product should be used up and used once per sheet.
�Should this disagree with your skin, such as a strong discomfort (itch, pain, etc.) or an abnormality (swelling, rash, etc.) on your skin, discontinue use. If you have any abnormalities on your skin, bring the product and consult a dermatologist.
�Should you feel sick or suffocate after using the product, discontinue use.
�Paste so that the entire mouth is not blocked.
�If you are taking medicine or using a treatment device, consult your doctor before use.
* It is not a medical device.

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