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KOBAYASHI Lingerie Detergent Underwear Soap Fragrance 120mL

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Blood stain remover soap. Easily remove menstrual blood stain or any blood stain on cloths. Soak for 20 minutes with Kobayashi Lingerie Soap, you can wash away the blood, secretions effortlessly and will not causes damage to your underwear!


Direction Of Use: Hand Wash - Pour 10ml of Lingerie soap into 500ml lukewarm water, soak your cloths 20 minutes before rinse. Washing Machine - Apply an appropriate amount of Lingerie Soap onto desired area before put into washing machine (Note: cannot be used for silk, hair, cupra and rayon)


・ Keep out of reach of children. ・ Do not use for any other purpose. ・ Do not use on silk or wool products. ・ Use gloves for people with weak skin, long-term use, or when using undiluted solution. ・ After using, it is recommended that you wash your hands thoroughly with water and clean with cream.


Surfactant (40% sodium alkyl sulfonate (SAS), polyoxylene alkyl ether, sodium alkyl sulfate), stabilizer

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Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company 4-4-10 Doshomachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0045, Japan Customer consultation room: 0120-5884-06