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LION Top Fabric Stain Remover 17ml (with 5 Blotting Sheets)

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Tips for removing stains ○ Apply onto the spots as soon as they are attached! ○ Strike around stains and transfer to the sheet below! ○ Remove the remaining stain remover with a squeezed towel! For clothing (cotton, silk, wool, polyester, etc.) Stain removal Removeable stains: Sauces, soy sauce, ketchup, sauce, juice, coffee, blood, meat sauce, curry, dressing, lipstick, foundation, etc. Unbleached stains: hair dye, manicure, ink, vermilion, correction fluid, paint, oil-based magic, ballpoint pen, etc. Materials that cannot be used: Kimono, leather products, rubber, acetate, those that discolor with water, and those that stain with water


Please use as soon as there are stains. 1. Lay the absorbent sheet under the stains. 2. Apply the product from the outside of the stain to the sheet. 3. Wipe off the stain remover with a squeezed towel.


● Keep out of reach from children. ● Be careful where you put it to prevent accidental ingestion by people with dementia. ● Except for removing stains on clothing (fabric products), do not use it for any other purpose. ● Use an absorbent sheet and follow the enclosed instructions to prevent ringing. ● Depending on the clothing, the color may fade or the water stains may cause ringing, so check before hand in a conspicuous place. ● If there is a stain, remove it as soon as possible. ● It may not be able to be completely removed depending on the types of stains and have remained for a long time. ● Do not use the used absorbent sheet again. ● Do not place the product directly under the sunlight or high temperature. ● Wash hands after use.


Surfactant (polyoxyethylene alkyl ether), solvent (carbitol)

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