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LION child toothbrush 6-12 years old Mamegoma

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● High-performance design that matches the growth of children. You can properly polish places that are difficult to polish. ● Because the tips of the tips are rounded, you can clean teeth with uneven heights at the transitional point. ● Thick, non-cornered handle allows small children to hold it firmly. -Mame sesame character * Handle color cannot be specified. ● Hair hardness: Normal


[How to wear short back teeth] Insert the toothbrush from the lick and move it finely [How to squeeze in uneven teeth] Apply one toothbrush to the vertical and move finely up and down Until about 9 years old, parents should brush up the finish.


・ Be careful not to run or play with the toothbrush in your mouth. ・ Until you are about 9 years old, please give a finishing brush to your guardian. ・ If the hair ends open, replace them.


Material of the handle polypropylene Material of hair Nylon hair hardness

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Lion Co., Ltd. 1-3-7 Main Office, Sumida-ku, Tokyo