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Lucky Trendy

Lucky Trendy Eye tape for habituating

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A double-sided eye tape that is ideal for habiting. Because it bites deep into the wrinkles, it keeps the double eyelids clear and clean! With a dedicated stick.


・ Wipe off the oil from the eyelids in advance ・Peel off the paper at the end of the tape, press the square side of the stick to attach it, and peel it off the sheet. ・ Stick the tape on the stick and stick it under the lid line. Press firmly on the paper and then peel it off. ・ Slowly open your eyes and glue while pulling both ends of the lid line with your fingers.


・ Be careful not to rub your eyes during use. ・ Do not use if you have sensitive skin, are allergic, have sensitive skin or children. ・ When using, make sure there are no pets or small children around. ・ If you get a rash, do not use it immediately as it may cause a rash depending on your constitution. If itching or inflammation remains, consult a doctor. ・ Be sure to use in a well-ventilated place. -Do not use or store in places with high temperatures and humidity, in extremely cold places, near fire, or near fire. It may be deformed or deteriorated. ・ After use, stand and store in a cool, flat place out of direct sunlight and out of reach of children. ・ Do not pull it strongly or apply an unreasonable burden. There is a risk of damage. ・ Depending on the operating conditions, it may cause discoloration, color loss or quality deterioration. ・ Never give to children under 7 years old. ・ Never lick it or put it in your mouth.


Tape (PE), stick (PP), sheet (paper)

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Beauty world 542-0081 6th floor, Tatsuno Shinsaibashi Building, 4-4-10 Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi 06-6244-8781