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Magico Labo

Magico Labo Posture Belt Easy Fit (Size M-L)

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(1) logo facing up to the surface, please let preferably under the hand from the bottom in a state of wearing a chest belt to stop. (2) supporters was slowly preferably under to the shoulder from the arms, please attach to the back to cross-coupled. (3) the tip of the chest belt is removed from the shoulders of the stopper, pull the belt to the horizontal forward, it tightens around the shoulder. (4) reasonable tightness, fasten the belt at the portion of the under bust. Tightness can be adjusted after wear.


● first started from around 10 minutes, please break gradually for about two hours a day as a guide. ● bedtime Please do not use. ● If and eczema, such as allergies, if an abnormality occurs, people in hospital or the like back pain, please consult your doctor. ● Please do not use other than its intended purpose. ● We have private a stretchy material, but there is a thing that initially feel tight.


Nylon, polyester, polyurethane, polyacetal

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