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Mama & Kids

Mama & Kids Firming Lift 200ML

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The Firming Lift for Moms & Kids is a tightening care cream developed with a focus on the theory of body sagging during pregnancy and childbirth. Contains plenty of skin conditioning and moisturizing ingredients. Relaxing effect with fresh grapefruit & Western herb scent.


It is effective to spread it on the part you care about and rub it up with your palm to loosen your skin. Upper arms that are easy to swell, thighs and calves.


* Please refrain from using during pregnancy.


Firmness, sagging, elasticity countermeasure component / lift bale (pullulan), Lana blue (vitamin A extract), apricot juice extract Anti-tightening ingredient / Hamamelis extract, flax tea extract Skin conditioner / vitamin P derivative (αG hesperidin), seaweed extract (laminaria), vitamin E (capsule in), firming axel (coffee seed extract, mate tea extract, coenzyme A, caffeine, L-carnitine), chrysantherm Indykum Beautiful skin keeping ingredient / Superoligo diglyceryl glycyrrhizinate Slimming scent / Grapefruit / Western herbs

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Natural Science Co., Ltd. 1-22 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo