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Bifesta Moist Cleansing Sheet (Pore Care) 46 sheets

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From makeup remover to toilet water! Large format cleansing sheet washable one Blackheads pores No fragrance-free coloring, oil-free Moisturizing vitamin C formulation Last until the liquid plenty! Plastic cap The newly developed soft sheets!


Please the middle plug ring opened by pulling a finger ○ open the cap Please wipe gently taken out one by one ○ Please use the ○ dry skin Please repeat until the stain on the sheet will not stick with folded ○ wiping take so that the sheet with a clean surface ○ please wipe gently from for a while amenable when dropping the dark eye makeup You can proceed to the skin care of the next step without rinsing ○ as it is


● Please be used with caution good or wrong with your skin does not occur, please do not use when there is a scratch or eczema, such as abnormal. Please consult stimulus color loss, stop using If you get abnormality such as (such as white spots) darkening to Kawafu psychiatrist. Please rinse immediately when and when you feel abnormality that contains careful not to enter the eye with his eyes closed. Please note that too much rubbing the side of your ● Eyelash extensions, please consult an ophthalmologist if the remains abnormal. Will cause the Extended can take ● Please do not flow to the flush toilet because the seat is not soluble in water. ● There is a case that is pushed strongly, such as in a bag liquid leaves stains ● Please put out of the reach of please ● children not place the product in hits and stiff of place or in direct sunlight to become a high temperature.


Water, ethanol, glycerine, coconut oil fatty acid PEG-7 glyceryl PEG-6 caprylic capric Guriserizu diisostearate PEG-20 glyceryl, stearoyl glutamate Na, citric acid Na, xanthan gum, EDTA-2Na, citric acid, lactic acid, bis glyceryl ascorbic acid, phenoxyethanol, methyl paraben

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Mandom Corporation Customer Advisory Office Chuo-ku, Osaka Juniken-cho 5-12