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MINIMUM BRT-7LP RK Replacement Brush Rilakkuma Pink 2 pieces

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● A replacement brush for Rilakkuma Happica. ● Ultra compact head for children. ● Bristle hardness "soft". ● It can be used for all products of the Happica series.


When replacing the brush, push it firmly into the Rilakkuma Happica body.


・ Using with one child may lead to a serious accident such as accidentally getting a throat, so be careful with your guardian and always polish it. Please give me ・ Children often bite their toothbrushes, and the bristles and stoppers may fall out, which may get caught in the throat or hurt your mouth. ・ Check each time you use the product, and if hair is noticeably protruding, replace it with a new one. ・ Make sure that the brush part is firmly connected before using. ・ Wasteful force or large movement of the brush may damage the gums and wear the teeth, causing hyperesthesia. ・ When washing with water, do not splash water on the cap. There is a risk of short circuit or electric leakage. ・ (Waterproof daily life) Do not use when taking a bath. ・ Remove the battery and store it if it will not be used for more than 1 month. ・ Please keep out of reach of small children. ・ Do not use for anything other than the intended purpose and brushing teeth.


Brush pattern: PP, Bristles: Nylon

Manufactured In:


Manufacturer consultation room 5-15-5 Nakanobu, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 142-0053, Japan 03-3781-0311