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MUHI Exodus Ibikuto Ibikist Sleep Labo 25g

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New proposal for new etiquette before going to bed.(?) Easy spray type! Coat the back of the mouth with natural oil. For various scenes where you feel uncomfortable sleeping! At such times: ● For travel and overnight ● On the day when you drank alcohol ● For long-distance travel ● Before going to bed


Shake well and spray into the mouth (back) with 4-6 pushes per day as a guide. (Please push the button several times to start using)


Discontinue use if you feel uncomfortable with the skin, such as strong discomfort to the skin (itch, pain, etc.) or allergies on the skin (harness, rash, etc.). If you have any allergies on your skin, bring this product and consult a dermatologist. Discontinue use if this product makes you feel unwell or if you become stuffy. Stick it over the whole mouth. When using this product for children, be sure to take sufficient precautions under the supervision of a parent.


Olive oil, sunflower oil, peppermint oil, sweetener (xylitol), glycerin, glycerin fatty acid ester, acetic acid VE, citric acid, preservative (sorbic acid K, sodium benzoate), antioxidant (vitamin C), vitamin B6, glue Fee (HPMC)

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Ikeda model hall 16 Kanda, Kami-shi, Nakashingawa-gun, Toyama Prefecture, 930-0394