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Nitto tea

Nitto black tea matcha ole

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High fragrance and deep taste Uji matcha, which has been carefully selected for its high fragrance, has a moderate sweetness and richness of milk, and is carefully finished. With a full-fledged fragrance-free taste, it creates an elegant time. ● Uses 100% Uji green tea. ● Unscented.


● When hot ・ Put one stick into the cup. ・ Please pour boiling water and stir well. ● For ice ・ Put one stick in a glass and melt with a small amount of hot water. ・ Pour cold water and float ice.


Store away from direct sunlight and heat and humidity


Sugar (sugar, lactose), dextrin, vegetable oil, skim milk powder, matcha (Uji matcha), salt [additive] casein Na (derived from milk), thickener (CMC-Na), pH adjuster, emulsifier

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