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OHKISEIYAKU liver oil vitamin drop 120 tablets

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A soft liver oil drop with a banana flavor that contains vitamin A and vitamin D. Vitamin A is a nutrient that helps maintain night vision and helps maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes. Vitamin D is a nutrient that promotes calcium absorption in the intestinal tract and helps bone formation.


Please enjoy 1 tablet per day as a guide.


Avoid direct sunlight, heat and humidity, please save.


● Ingestion of this product does not cure diseases or promote health. Please observe the recommended daily intake. ● Be careful not to overdose women who are pregnant within 3 months or wish to become pregnant. ● Be careful not to touch the throat of infants, and do not allow infants (under 1 year old) to take it. ● If you are taking medicine or visiting the hospital, please consult your doctor, pharmacist or registered seller. ● If you have food allergies, please check the ingredients name. Unlike the food for specified health use, this product has not been individually examined by the Director General of Consumer Affairs Agency. ● Please note that you may be able to remove dental treatment.

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OHKI PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD. Ohki Building 7F 3-3 Kanda Blacksmith Town, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo