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Sunstar Ora2 Premium Breath Fragrance Mouthwash Fruity Floral 10ml x 3Pcs

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◆ Rinse away dirt and odors to prevent stinging. ◆ A fragrance-inspired flavor that changes your breath to a beautiful scent that lasts for a long time even after use. ◆ Contains moisturizing ingredient Na hyaluronate. ◆ Non-alcoholic type that does not tingle. ◆ Stick type with excellent portability. ◆ A gorgeous fruity floral flavor of rose and berry.


● Cut the seal, put one packet into your mouth, rinse for about 20 seconds, and then spit it out. If it does not come out easily, press in the middle and pour. ● No need to rinse with water. ● This product is not a toothpaste.


・ It is not an oral solution. ・ Should you experience a rash or itch, discontinue use and consult a doctor. ・ Store out of reach of children.


Base: water / wetting agent: glycerin, PG / humectant: hyaluronic acid Na / flavoring agent: fragrance / adsorbent: cyclodextrin / detergent: sodium lauryl sulfate / detergent enhancer: (C12- 16) Palace-6 phosphoric acid / solubilizer: PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil / sweetener: saccharin Na / viscosity modifier: xanthan gum / pH modifier: Na citrate / preservative: methylparaben

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Sunstar Co., Ltd. 3-1 Asahicho, Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture 0120-008241